information regarding their products and services and to introduce the executive and senior management team of Bill Rosacker; Anne Hofstede, Chief Operations Officer; Mary Williams,

Senior Vice President, Operations Manager; Kevin Bostrom, Chief Credit Officer; Ben Eskierka, Chief Investment Officer; and John Peterson, Chief Marketing Officer. According to Elizabeth Woodruff, GLBB’s Vice President of Operations, “It was a very nice presentation about what

UBB is, the markets we cover and our commitment to customer service. It helped for those bankers that attended to meet some of the people from UBB and realize they’re really nice people who are committed to their customers. I think that really raised their level of confidence.” The meetings were well attended with over 125 bankers representing more than 66 banks.


“I was able to go and meet key staff of UBB,” Shon Myers, President and CEO of Farmers & Merchants Bank in Miamisburg, Ohio, added, “I was able to send my support staff to meet their key support people and learn how the transition process was going to work. I would say overall the communication was excellent. It was very well-planned out and executed.”


Transitioning Customers One Bank at a Time

As the year progressed, representatives from all of UBB’s departments worked diligently to transition the GLBB customers over to UBB’s operating system, products and services. UBB’s Consulting Services division added the new loan review service to its suite of offerings. By far the largest undertaking of the transition process was moving those customers using GLBB’s Pathway and Pathway Plus systems to UBB’s UNET.web and UNETexchange operational platforms.


Working together to find best practices between both organizations, Elizabeth Woodruff and Mary Williams transitioned all of the customers, over to the UBB system, one at a time and in a span of less than 11 months. “We decided the best way to effectively bring on a bank, was to bring them on one at a time,” said Williams, “that way we could dedicate our time so that each bank understood the process at their level.”


To ease the transition process and educate GLBB customers on UBB’s UNET operations platform, multiple training sessions were held for operational personnel from 20 different banks in October of 2016 and presented by Mary and Elizabeth. The day long training sessions were provided on back-to-back days and brought in attendees from around the state to UBB’s

Columbus, Ohio office. “We have a good relationship and know that we’re getting acquainted with all of the employees we need to talk to at United Bankers’ Bank,” Ted Thorpe, Killbuck Savings Bank’s Vice President of Deposit Operations said. “It seems like everybody is on

board with helping us and making sure we understand.”


Providing Community Banks with the Resources They Need to Succeed Today, Tomorrow and Into the Future

With the merger and customer transition officially completed, United Bankers’ Bank continues to focus on what it does best; identifying the needs of community banks and providing them with the resources and solutions they need to be competitive in their markets, remain community based and ultimately be successful.


It has been an exciting year for United Bankers’ Bank, but even with the new business, products and outlook toward the future, their commitment to not only their new customers in Ohio and Michigan but also their entire service territory remains the same. “We’re a correspondent bank that gives you some real benefits, said Rosacker. “Not only do we have the most thorough, in-depth and full product line offering of any correspondent but we also provide an opportunity for

you to have ownership in us. We don’t compete with you. We are here whether it’s good times or bad. We don’t come and go from the business. We’re here day in and day out, 24/7 to help you be a better bank, a better banker and to grow your market.”



UBBs Ohio/Michigan Team:

Pat Burnette, Bob McGovern,

Chris Knight, Scott Burke, and

Elizabeth Woodruff


About United Bankers’ Bank

United Bankers’ Bank, the nation’s first bankers’ bank, was founded in 1975. It has assets of $908,000,000 and serves over 1,000 community banks located throughout Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, South and North Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Indiana, Ohio,

Illinois, and Michigan.


More information about UBB is available at



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