2016 Great Lakes Banker

Rate Policy



2-Page Spread:                                                                 $1,360.00

Full Page:                                                                             $785.00

Half Page:                                                                             $595.00

One-third Page:                                                                   $495.00

One-quarter Page:                                                               $465.00


Color Premiums

(Color Premiums are based on CMYK. Call for PMS Premiums)

4-Color                                                                                  $590.00

3-Color                                                                                  $390.00

2-Color                                                                                  $265.00


Display Classified

$25.00 per column inch, 4” minimum


Advertising Discounts

(Insertions must be in 2016)

3 Insertions                                                         15% per insertion

5 Insertions                                                         25% per insertion

12 Insertions                                                       50% per insertion


Premium Positions                              Front Cover (IFC)

Outside Back Cover (OBC)

Inside Back Cover (IBC)


Multiple Insertion Discount for Premium Positions

  • 20% maximum for 5 or more insertions.
  • Only ads of the same size qualify for

Mechanical Requirements

Actual Page Size: 8.5”x11”; 3-Column Format; Column Size: 2.33”. Full page bleeds are accepted, please add 0.125” to overall page size for bleeds. Great Lakes Banker magazine is printed on 70# gloss enamel stock at 175 lpi. Ad materials must be submitted in the following formats: TIFF, JPEG, PDF, EPS, QuarkXPress, or Microsoft Word. When sending QuarkXPress, be sure to include all artwork and fonts.



The 15th of the month preceding publication, call for additional time for your artwork.



No Agency discounts.



Invoices will be mailed following magazine distribution. Terms are net 30 days. After 30 days, a 1.5% finance charge will be added.




Send General Correspondance to:

P.O. Box 12236, Lansing, Michigan 48901-2236


Send Advertising Materials to:

1430 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, Michigan 48912


Telephone: 517-484-0775 • Fax: 517-484-4676


General E-mail:                                                  greg@mybankermag.com

Editorial Email:                                                editior@mybankermag.com

Website:                                                               www.mybankermag.com


Mechanical Specifications

Two-Page Spread


Column Inches                                             60

Horizontal:                                            17”x11”




Full Page


Column Inches                                             30

Horizontal:                                           7.5”x10”






Column Inches:                                            15

Horizontal:                                             7.5”x5”

Vertical:                                          4.875”x7.5”



One-Third Page


Column Inches:                                            10

Horizontal:                                        7.5”x3.25”

Vertical:                                             4.875”x5”



One Quarter Page


Column Inches:                                           7.5

Horizontal:                                    4.875”x3.75”

Vertical:                                            2.25”x7.5”



A 1-year subscription is $97.50. Multiple subscription discounts are available.



Except for Inside Front or Back Cover positions, no advertising position is guaranteed.

Internet Advertising

Extend your advertising reach by putting your name and message out on the Internet with mybankermag.com.


Positions                                     Size (in Pixels)                         Cost (per Month)

Home Page Static Top Banner

Home Page Rotating Top/Bottom Banner

Home Page Sidebox Ad

Home Page Premium Box Ad


Section Top Page Rotating Top/Bottom Banner

Section Top Sidebox Ad

Section Top Premium Box Ad


Sub-Page Rotating Top/Bottom Banner

Sub-Page Sidebox Ad

960 x 120

960 x 120

293 x 225

648 x 498


960 x 120

293 x 225

648 x 498


960 x 120

293 x 225













Discounts (Web Only):

10% off for 3 months

20% off for 6 months

40% off for 12 months


Web + Print Discounts:

15% off for 3 months

30% off for 6 months

50% off for 12 months


Prices are based on the page, size, and placement of the ad space, whether it is static or rotating, as well as the number of viewers the ad is likely to have based on an average of 22,000 unique hits and 8,970 page views per month.


Web + Print Discounts are available for those who wish to advertise in both Great Lakes Banker magazine and on mybankermag.com. They apply to the cost of the web advertisements only. These savings are in addition to any discounts you currently enjoy on your Great Lakes Banker advertising package.

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